Wednesday, October 12, 2011

They Will Save Lives

Smoke detectors.The most tragic of fires happen in the dead of night, while the kids are tucked so snuggly in their beds and stresses of the day are put to the side for a moment.  Until the screaming sirens wake you from the  land of slumber and the panic sets in that it is your house that trucks are racing to save.

That was the scene (images can be seen here) at 2:22 this morning and tragically a mother and her 10 year-old nephew were lost.  She did what every mother  hopes to do, she saved one of the children by throwing her out a window, another was able to make it out on his own and the MFD saved a 2 year-old they found in their search of the house.  Not the most valiant, not the most nurturing, but when those flames are raging, there are no style points.  The FFs had to jump out of the window, the fire and the power lines falling on the hoses were far too dangerous for the firefighters to continue their rescue efforts. It was an inferno.  I can't even begin to imagine the pain the family is feeling today.

Here is where it becomes even more tragic, MFD ffs canvased the neighborhood in July, in an effort to install smoke detectors in every home.  No one answered the door.  Literature was left at the door with an open offer for smoke detectors and with fire prevention tips.  They must have fallen on deaf ears. The firefighters were back this afternoon, canvasing the neighborhood, with smoke detectors in hand.  Our firefighters will walk up and down streets, day after day, to avoid carrying that small, lifeless body out of a house.

Residents or tenants in one or two-family homes who do not have a working smoke detector can call the Milwaukee Fire Department 's smoke detector hotline at (414) 286-8980.  Firefighters will deliver and install a smoke detector.

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