Monday, October 3, 2011

Zombie Monday

Hubby was up late studying his drug cards for a quiz today.  I tried to ignore the light as he studied.  My little O was up allllllllll night.  She was in my bed, kicking me in the head, returned to her bed, cried for mommy.  We changed PJs, I think she may finally have to accept that she has out grown her faves.  Put back in bed, cried to the point that the Pyrs were on high alert, bugging me to go check on her.  Calmed her down, she snuck back into my bed, returned her to bed.  You get the idea. It was just a never ending circle of sleeplessness.  When the alarm went off at "Oh you must be kidding me" AM, I cringed, looked over at my daughter, blissfully asleep by my side and I whimpered. I am still in a bit of a haze.  Almost an undead Zombieness.  Only 4 hours and 18 minutes left to go.  But who's counting?
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