Friday, October 7, 2011

The Healing Powers of the Tee

MFD Cancer Awareness Pink T-Shirt
It is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  A month where Facebook images, school staff and firefighters turn everything pink.  NFL players have pink cleats and gloves, their coaches have pink hats on the sidelines. Our football team is selling black tees with pink writing for next Friday's game. There are fire departments with pink trucks to go with their pink shirts.  Our department has done a shirt a year.  We have the light pink version from last year.  There is a black with pink writing from another year. (Bad choice, it does not work with the navy uniform pants.) And this year's shirt is navy, like the other uniform shirts and it is actually a cool design. The hope is that the department as well as the community will jump on  board.
MFD Cancer Awareness Black T-Shirt

Since my FF is in PM classes, he doesn't get to wear T-shirts at all - polos or dress shirt with badge only.  He wasn't going to get one. But, I didn't want to miss out.  This afternoon was a day off for me (conferences make-up day) and I ran up to the union office to pick up some shirts.  I picked one for me and some for fire wives in other departments.  A swap.  It is fun - who doesn't like getting something other than a bill in the mail!  For one of the wives in particular, she lost her sister to breast cancer, far too early and this is a cause near and dear to her heart.  As it should be for all of us.  A simple idea like these t-shirts, keeps this killer of women (although, there are male victims and they are not to be forgotten) in the front of everyone's minds.

If you are interested in an MFD shirt, please feel free to click here and order one.  If you are a fire wife, have your hubby bring one from your department home for you.  If you are in the community and just want to show your support to those who have lost the good fight, those are fighting as we speak, those who have beaten the beast and those who might get the news any day - just stop in and ask your local firehouse if you can show your support.

Support breast cancer awareness and research.  Guys, realize that women love a man in uniform and it is even more attractive if you are brave enough to wear the pink to save us. Ladies, please don't forget to
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