Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hi, Mine Name is Trina and I Am an Addict

I admit it.  I am a TV junkie.  I love crime dramas and the oddity.  I have a DVR in the family room and in the bedroom.  With the kids, I don't get to watch a lot of TV while they're awake.  So, I record everything I might want to watch.  In theory, I watch TV once they go to bed.  But at that point there have still been dishes to wash, laundry to do, papers to grade.  You get the idea. If I gave in every time I wanted to watch something, my muppets would be running feral in the streets, my gradebook would be empty and my k9s would be ransacking the pantry. So, my DVRs are FULL.  Usually, I get caught up when my hubby is on shift.  Unfortunately, Paramedic School has goofed up my routine.

Upstairs, my DVR has stuff for my classroom and things I never want the kids to have access to (I am a closet American Horror Story fan, but that is a post for another day.) and is not quite as full.  Downstairs, however, has needed a trimming for quite a while.  I deleted new shows I have not had a chance to get into - no need to take up 5 episodes worth of space on my hard drive.  

Last night, my hubby stayed up late watching Animal House, as he has never seen it.  Me, I slept on his lap, as I have seen at least 905,489 times.  We got up to the bedroom around 1:30am.  My FF was not quite sleepy so, the bedroom TV was still on when I drifted off.

My girly girls fell asleep while we were watching A Christmas Carol last night and had their batteries recharged.  Therefore O crawled into bed with me at 4am and woke up her sister at 5am.  B woke up and offered to help clean the girls' room.  It looks like a bomb of tulle, bows and clickty-clacks, with some jeans and stinky shoes thrown in for balance.  My cue to get caught up.  I am on NCIS #3 with one more to go.  I still have a ton of NCIS: LA, CSI:NY, and Criminal Minds.  I am going to see what I can knock off while the three stooges are still willing to clean and my hubby is still snoozing.  Then, it is back to laundry and lesson plans.  Until then, I get to indulge in my addiction. 
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