Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Veteran's Day Mass

Today we were supposed to join our lower campus for a Veteran's Day Mass at St. Mark's.  It is quite an impressive sight - 550 6-12 graders walking en masse to Mass.  We have police to help with crossings and for the most part they are all very good.  But today, it rained.

They shuffled our military kids, because it is so important to their families, but the rest of us carried on like normal.

One by one my juniors paraded in, first to check on what they missed in class (I have them so well trained) and second to tell me how ADORABLE my daughter with the curls is.  Really?  Again?

I heard them out, and this time - she actually was.  She was adorable, absolutely adorable.  When she went up during the Eucharist to be blessed, she asked the Eucharistic minister to not worry about blessing her, but send those blessings to the soldiers, because they needed it more.

Makes my heart melt and my chest fill with pride.  I wish we could have gone to mass.

Please say a prayer for our armed forces and the families that they leave behind.  A prayer for their safety and a prayer of Thanksgiving for the sacrifices they are making.

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