Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Time to concede defeat

I have been denying it for a month.  Blowing off my husband at the very suggestion of it, every time.  But now...now I have to admit defeat.  I am sick. A Z-pak may just be in my future. 

I got up this morning and the shifting of snot in the back of my throat caused an hour long coughing fit that caused my lights to dim.  I hate that feeling.  So, my hubby called my principal while I was hacking away in the stairwell and not able to speak or breathe.  Lesson plans were emailed to the secretary.  Articles and questions were uploaded to the Moodle page. And now we wait.  The doc's office doesn't start answering the phone until 8, even though she sees patients at 7am.  I will call and I will be good and go in.  I just have such a hard time admitting I am sick enough to go to the doctor.

Now, if there was ever a good day for me to admit that I can't go in, today is it.  A huge reason why I have not been going in has been J's med classes.  He leaves the house when we do at 6am.  That means I have to take the kids to school and pick them up.  Well, if that is the case, I am already at work and I may as well just go in.  But today, my hubby has a rotation at St. Mary's and it doesn't start until 1pm.  So as we speak, he is taking the three stooges into school for me, while I hang here with O.  Her cough is starting so I thought I would see if I can get her in with me.
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