Tuesday, September 3, 2013

School is Back in Session!

I have never been so happy to have my children go back to school as I was today!  So happy, happy, happy.

Okay, I get it.  This takes me out of mom of the year running.  Somehow, I will have to get over it.  Not sure how, but I will soldier on.  No matter what!  I am fire strong, after all!  

When we got to school this morning, the boys instantly ditched us for the middle school playground.  They stood for one more picture from mom and away they went.  D went by her friends - leaving the little one with a death grip on my hand.  When the bell rang, I made my way in with the girls.  Dropped D off with a hug and a kiss (to the class one of my friends from HS, no less) and went off to drop O in her room, at the end of the hall.  
 I am really not a stalker, I did not have a telephoto lens on from across the playground.  Just my usual macro to zoom.

O's teacher had the mommies divvy up the hordes of school supplies.  <SIGH...>  I KNOW it makes it easier for her.  But right now, a drive-by drop off would have been less stressful - for all parties involved.  <SIGH!>

Any other child and this would have been fine.  O has been in school for THREE first days of school.  This is not her first time at the rodeo.  And still, the waterworks.  They have not gone away.  Had I let her brother drop her off, life would have been fine.  Had Daddy dropped her off, smiles - albeit apprehensive smiles, would have met the teacher.  But mommy?  See, I think they forgot to ACTUALLY cut the cord with the last one.  I think they left it attached to try and keep her cooking longer, even though she was expelled from my womb three months early.  

There, were tears...and sobs...and more tears.  When the teacher finally came over, I told her it was probably best that I left and she took over the reins.  And she smiled and did just that.  The only one crying in the room, was mine.  And I am the teacher mommy.  <sigh>

But, I chit-chatted with the principal, smiled at some parents and hopped out the door.  I did not look back.  No tears from this momma.  I was off for breakfast with a certain hot fireman before he went to sleep!  Talk about pep in my step. 

I love my muppets, please don't misunderstand.  I am an odd dichotomy.  I need my breaks from my children, but as soon as they are gone, I miss them terribly and want them home.  It truly drives my FF INSANE!  I am good for a night, but by the next morning, I am pining for their wake up calls and interruptions.  Even if one is missing, I feel a part of me is missing.  

BUT, having my FF gone so much this summer and having no breaks from them, I am very glad to have them go back to school.  There will be a bit of a lag before I can get into my classroom - TB tests and corporate medical exams where the docs really pay no attention to me.  All that fun stuff.  Which means I get to see my hubby - tomorrow.  He is sleeping today away and spending the night "drafting" for his fantasy league at the firehouse. (That means I will be sitting by my phone to help him out, while feeding the horde and running the football runs and...you know... normal fire wife stuff. ;) ) It means I can sit down and work on my units for the next few weeks - without having to referee.  It means if a room gets cleaned, it will stay cleaned, until they come home from school.  It means I can breathe and shower and eat - in peace...for a few more days.  

Ahhhhh, finally.

I will be the first mommy in line to get them.  I will be dying to hear their tales of the day.  But for the new few hours, I am my own woman.  Ahhhhhh.  Peace.

Enjoy those first day tales when your kidlets come home from school - even if they are drama filled.  Hug those firemen, even if they smell gross and grimy.  And enjoy the day.  

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