Monday, September 9, 2013

Laundry is My Nemesis

I hate laundry.  I have always hated laundry.  I do think it is in my DNA.  My FF always says, "THANKS.  You are awesome."  And swears up and down that he will take over the laundry for me.  And. It. Never. Happens.  Sometimes I am stubborn and wait until I run out of undies.  Other times I just spend a day getting it all caught up.  

That was how I spent yesterday.  We went to early mass, and WOW, were my people figidity.  They could not sit still to save their soul - LITERALLY!  ;)  I am grateful that Fr. Michael was saying mass.  He is straight and to the point, no nonsense, but he is an amazing preacher.  Talk about cutting out the fluff.

We got home and dove into laundry, after my FFW girl next door brought all of us doughnuts.  She is so sweet.

There was a slight pause in the cycle of wash, dry, fold, repeat.  That dramatic pause came with a desperate plea from the firehouse.  Our local cable company is not playing nicely with our NBC affiliate, and has not for sometime.  That meant no Sunday night football for the poor deprived firefighters.  So, I ran down with a converter box and  antenna, to save the day.  It takes a firewife to save the firefighters, every time.

The shirt drawers - long sleeve, short sleeve, sweaters and sweatshirts.
Anyway, upon my return to the house, the laundry resumed and by halftime of the late game, it was all done.  We added a third dresser to the girls' room - solely for shirts.
I am obnoxiously organized.  They each have their original dressers. Top drawer - socks and undies, next two drawers - PJs, and bottom two are for pants.  (You would think it would make it easier for my FF to put the clothes away, but he is always confused about what goes where.)  I also pulled out all the summer clothes from their dressers.  We will need them this week, but it will get chilly quickly and I thought I may as well yank them while I was uprooting everything anyway.  Football may the day go by faster, that helped.  I have several donate bags.  It was a indeed a cleansing day.

My FF is subbing this AM and needed a change of clothes.  So, I ran them off to him, where he swore he would take care of the laundry from here on out.  Uh-huh.  How about I just do a load a day and we'll stick with that.  

But for now, there is satisfaction in knowing that I got it all done and I think I will stick with that today.

Hug your FFs.  Take a moment over the next several days to think about where we were 12 years ago.  A prayer to the 343, all who lost their lives and those who will never be the same again.  

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