Saturday, September 7, 2013

The More Things Change...

Last night was a really nice night. We ditched the kids, well not really.  They were supposed to have their rooms cleaned.  And I am officially over cleaning them, so there are consequences put in place when NONE of them were clean. So we got to sneak out and go to the Police vs. Fire game.  After the softball season has ended, this one is for all the bragging rights for the year, or until the basketball game,

It was a beautiful night.

A retired BC I had just been chatting with earlier in the day through email, came and introduced himself.  That was a pleasant surprise.  Trades were made.  Handshakes exchanged. All the usual stuff.

Number 1 was there, but that should be of very little surprise to anyone.  Our chief is at most functions.  He was even at the Ladies Auxiliary's 40th dinner last summer.  If you didn't know him, you wouldn't know he was our chief - jeans and an MFD 9/11 shirt, sitting with myself and my FF.  And, oh, the stories he tells.  He has been an officer all over the country. But what was interesting was, his tales could have all happened here.  And so often, each of the departments believed that what they were going through was unique to their department.  But in fact, the exact same struggle, drama, conflict, celebration, etc. was happening in fire departments across the country.

And I guess that was the morale of the evening.

Fire departments are united beyond what they know with the Brotherhood.  They face many of the same issues from coast to coast.  From things like fire/police rivalries to severe budget cuts, and everything in between.  

We won't discuss the outcome of last night's games.  At least the Over 40 crew has bragging rights...

Saturday is here.  Hopefully, you have your fantasy teams ready for tomorrow.  Today is my oldest's first football game of the season and the all important picture day. Enjoy the day.
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