Monday, January 3, 2011

Ahh - So Nice to Get Back to School

Never thought I would say that.  At the end of the summer I am usually looking forward to it - but after breaks it never seems as though there was enough time.  This is a first in my teaching career - mind you that is only 13 years, but still a decent body of work for a clear judgement.

This morning was a bit rough in the boys department.  They stayed up later than they really should have and did not want to get up and moving come shower time.  Even with the walking zombies, we still left the house at 6am, which is pretty impressive if you ask me.  This was made possible by my loving husband's decision to take his PO day yesterday.  It gave him the chance to sleep a bit more yesterday afternoon and to have an extra set of hands in the morning.  Such a luxury!  It also saved me a trip to the sitter's and 2 less muppets to get up and ready by 6am.  So nice!

The day continued - my first class consisted of many comments like - "Mrs. Halsey - seriously - I missed you."  And "Halsey, can we just hold class one day over spring break, I need my fix."  As a teacher, these are the best compliments I could get, especially considering it is a junior level Church History class.  I mean really - who misses their Church History teacher?  But, I am glad they did.  After such a stressful break, where I was feeling less than a SuperMom, this was an appreciated moment of accolades - even if it was unexpected and unnecessary.  Even my Facebook page had former students chiming in - nice to have college kids say they miss your class, especially when it was such "torture" when they were actually in the class. :)

So, my Muppets are studying/reading/practicing their name in various nooks of the house.  Daddy and Liv are on their way home from Grandma and Grandpa's in Two Rivers, I am getting ready to make Apple Pork Chops - found a recipe that sounds YUMMY - and all is right with the world again.  Organized chaos makes my life so much easier to handle!

Welcome back to school.  Mommies, hope you enjoy your first day back as much as I did!
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