Thursday, January 6, 2011

Olivia - Part 2 - How can I hope it is ONLY diabetes?

So, Little Livy
joined us at 29

weeks - weighing a whopping 1500 grams. The only thing that saved her from damage from the lack of O2 - she a cord the size of a full-term baby. Olivia is my miracle baby. She was a resident in the NICU for 49 days, coming home the day after Brett Favre's first tearful good-bye. She weighed a whopping 4#15oz and was perfect in every way! I was SO excited when she came home. Olivia was in preemie clothes from the time she came home in March, well into summer. I think we finally hit newborn clothes sometime around the end of July! She was crawling by the beginning of August. What a sight that was to see - an 8 pound baby, up crawling! Liv was always my miracle baby. I found out later - no one expected her cerclage to hold. I was glad no one told me until after the fact!  
This past summer, I finally got an ophthalmologist to take a look at her.  Our doc was worried that it was neurological.  My little Livy would run into walls, trip over the dogs (hard to do when they weigh 100+lbs), the cracks in the floor would reach out and grab her feet, bringing her tumbling down.  You get the idea.  I was told it would get better as her coordination and balance improved. didn't.  We got a doc that felt confident they could handle an exam that was based purely physical.  Liv was obviously not going to read the chart nor was she going to tell you which was more clear.  And lo and behold - she is horribly far-sighted.  Making matters worse - one eyes is significantly worse than the other, giving her a personal set of "beer goggle" eyes.  Glasses and hallelujah, she is significantly less clumsy! 

This time around - our doc listened right away.  Olivia is tiny.  She will be three in 13 days and weighs a whopping 26.4#, up from 25.8# in July.  She wears 12-18 month clothing.  But here is the oddity - she eats adult portions - an entire steak and all the fixings, 2 chicken breasts plus sides, 6-8 pancake with 4-6 sausages - you get the idea.  She is a pig.  So the question is where does it go?  Liv is also a camel - she will drink and drink and drink.  And, when you tell her enough - she will get a tea cup from "her" kitchen and get water from the dogs' bowl or the toilet bowl.  (Not sure which is worse!  Ewwwwww!)  If those options are blocked to her, it becomes a desperate plea for liquids.  She probably takes in close to a gallon of fluids everyday.  So, potty training, is as you can imagine, on hold.  So, we get her in - have been monitoring her sugars - some days she wakes up over 300 others 69.  Doc runs an A1C - comes up with odd results.  Off to the endo we go.  Find out - yup, there is something wrong.  But what that is - God only knows.  So we are now on a fishing expedition.  It could be the start of diabetes or it could be an issue with her pituitary gland or it could be a growth on her pancreas or or or is a fishing expedition. 

So today, I did not serve breakfast to any of my kids, for fear of the wrath of Olivia.  Boys hid cereal in their backpacks, Desi was left with instructions for Miss B to make sure she got breakfast at school, rather than going out to the playground.   Daddy was picking Liv up as soon as his shift was over to get her labs done and hopefully we will get some answers.

So, as a mom, how can I hope it is ONLY diabetes?

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