Saturday, January 29, 2011

Can it really be TRUE????

My firefighter is most assuredly working hard downtown at Engine 2!  And I don't bug him during the day unless someone is dying - then I would probably call E38 and have them relay the message for me.  ;)  Instead I am basking in my own glory.  He will have to wait until after his nap tomorrow to enjoy the radiant glow I am currently emitting.

Drumroll, please.............


Now for some, this may be a, "eh, whatever" moment, but you must understand something.  With the exception of about a 6 month hiatus between potty training B and D joining our family, we have been with diapers and or Pull-ups since the world was worried about Y2K destroying our entire infrastructure!  At first, they were so cute and so nicely stacked on the changing table.  I couldn't believe how small they were, until I had to buy preemie diapers because the newborn size was swallowing my baby.  They were so tiny and cute.  Then there was the wipes warmer and the little changing table holder doodad.  It was all so new-mommy-ish, I am a bit embarrassed in hindsight.  I loved the diapers, the powder, the cute little bag.  

But NOW, it is time for diapers to GO!!

Potty training our oldest was an interesting time period.  The first round was right before we bought our house, moved and had a baby 2 weeks later.  TOO much for a 2 1/2 year old.  Second  round was a mixed bag - N would be dry all day at school (he went to K3 half day at a school for just the kindergarten crew) and the whole afternoon at the sitter's.  Once he got home, he just peed.  Behind the recliner in the family room, along the fence when our neighbors were having their friends over for a bonfire, in his Pull-up - you name it, he probably peed there.

Our next was EASY - put him in undies and DONE in a matter or days.  I thought to myself, "See, this is my experienced mommy insight at work."  HA!  The potty training gods became aware of my foolish thoughts and gave me D. 

Girls - supposed to be easier to potty train, right.  And D was -  for a week or so.  I thought (Foolishly  to myself again) - "HA!  I will be done with her and only have one in diapers before she is 3!"  Wouldn't that have been nice!  Then she started going poop in the potty.  It splashed her butt and she FREAKED out!  Refused to poop - in a Pull-up or otherwise.  Here is where the gods of potty training punished me for my arrogance.  SHE DID NOT POOP FOR WEEKS.  Went to the doc, put her on a stool softener, laxative - you name it, we did it.  We ended up spending 5 days at Children's Hospital.  That stubborn girl refused to poop after THREE DAYS of GO-LITELY through an NG tube - you know that horrible stuff they give you before a colonoscopy.  SHE REFUSED TO POOP!  So we spent days - walking around the 8th floor in our sunglasses, with our purse - making everyone ooooohh and ahhhh over us, every hour.  She basked in the glory of her cuteness, but did not POOP!!!!  She had an oversized ball (think somewhere between a softball and playground ball)  of poop in her colon and it became so  messy and painful, that it took 4 of us to change her or hold her down when she could begin to go.  She was a few months away from 3 and not comfortable pooping the potty until nearly 4. 

With O - I learned my lesson and went humbly into her potty training.  No agenda, no rushing, no arrogance.  Just a goal of before the next school year - more than enough time, with a summer for comfort.  So, we have been potty training since Thanksgiving.  She is great for me and N.  Refused to go for Daddy, Grandpa, our sitter, just N and Mommy.  Finally our sitter has a come to Jesus meeting with her and the sat in the bathroom, and sat and sat  some more.  Until she finally PEED IN THE POTTY!  So, since we have been back from Christmas break, she has been dry for Brenda.  Daddy, is another story.  So, I decided to go with what worked - you would think after potty training FIVE kids in the last 12 years (including our nephew) I would know what works.  Into undies we go.  No more Pull-ups except when sleeping.  And we have been dry for four days.  

Here's to hoping this is for real.  I am not SAYING she is potty trained, just hoping.  Oh powerful gods of potty training, please know that I learned my lesson and will not be arrogant in my daughter's success.  Just quietly glad to be done - maybe.
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