Monday, January 10, 2011

Women LOVE a man in uniform

My husband is stationed downtown.  Because of this, he has not had as much excitement as some of his classmates in more residential houses.  The guys on his shift keep telling him to wait until summer.  Things definitely pick up.  There are 2 stations downtown  - E1 and E2.  E1 has Water Street - you can tell what their calls would be.  E2 has Marquette University - wait, still the same kind of calls.  Most of Jeff's calls have been for homeless, the jail, the mission, etc.  But Saturday night it was all about the women.

My firefighter survived his first firehouse prank totally unscathed (lemonade made with the water from lunch's hot dogs - ewwww), thanks to his captain, and it just got more exciting from there.  Around 9:30pm there was a ring of the bell.  The door is answered and there is no time for formalities - in barge 15 women, with no invitation - just entitlement.  They are all "feeling no pain" and looking for a certain firefighter.  After some discussion it turns out this firefighter is the ex-husband to one of the belles of the ball and he is stationed at Engine 1.  Right church, wrong pew. I think it was probably good that poor firefighter was down the road a ways. There were girls on poles and in bunker pants.  I don't think the guys knew what hit them.  After they finally rounded them up and shooed them out, the night continued with call after call.  Being downtown, there is a bit of a bar scene. ;)  While checking out one of the daily "car fires" (cars parked over steam vents), they caught up with the Red Bull girls, who wanted rides on the engine.  FUNNY stories.  There were quite a few other alcohol related calls as the night progressed, with I am certain more tales to go with them.

I can't wait to hear the hubby's work stories once the Lakefront activities and Summerfest events are upon us.    I can only imagine!
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