Sunday, January 9, 2011

Guard Dog? Pfffffffttt!

I woke up a little confused this morning.  There was the pitter patter of little feet across the family room floor, the thumping of Bear's tail and a subtle stream of daylight  coming through my window.  Yes, I said DAYLIGHT!  I cannot tell you the last time I woke up and the sun was shining.  The first time I usually notice the sun is when I have to close my shades in my classroom because it is drowning out the PowerPoint on my whiteboard in class.  I NEVER wake up to it.  Especially not when J is working.

Now, you might think that I am up worrying all night and wringing my hands in fear.  Nope.  Simply not the case.  I do stay up later when J is working, mainly because I am waiting for his call, but also because I do find it harder to fall asleep without him.  It is a much easier task if I am already tired.  Sounds normal, why can't I sleep if it is not for fear of a hi-rise building collapsing on my firefighter as it goes down in flames. (Mainly because I know he would not be IN there if it was structurally unsound.)  I have one word for you - BEAR!
 Bear loves working with kids - at school, at home or in the neighborhood.  But, in his DNA, he is a GUARD DOG!!

No, I am serious - stop laughing.  Just ask him - Bear is a Guard Dog.  Great Pyrenees are an ancient breed - bred to protect the flock and the shepherd.  Bear takes his heritage very seriously - especially when Jeff is working.  There are barks about every 15 minutes on average - as he takes off running to go investigate.   Just as he comes back and settles in, and begin to drift off, there must be another sound down the street that he feels he must investigate.  This goes on all night and 4 am comes really quickly.  By the time my Period D comes, I am dying!  

But last night - no alarm barks, no arguments with Willow when she just wants to sleep, no wake up calls - just sleep.  So you can see why I was confused when I woke up at 6:57 AM.  I honestly looked to see where he was, thinking perhaps I left him outside last night (Oh, my poor neighbors had that been true.)  Bear slept.  He was the biggest help he could have possibly been, simply by doing nothing.

And  now I await my firefighter and the doughnut party he is bringing home for the kids.
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