Friday, January 7, 2011

"I may have made a tiny mistake."

AOkay - I get the whole smack talk, bravado of the male species.  I have been in a secondary school setting for 14 years experience.  There are more male teachers than female in most high schools, the boys demonstrate this strutting on a daily basis.  The whole, mine is bigger than yours mentality - foolish, but I get it.

Yesterday, I had a meeting at school at 6:30pm.  Now, we live an hour away from my school.  The boys attend the lower campus of my school.  I did not want to brave rush hour traffic back to Milwaukee to drop off the boys, just to instantly turn around and return to Kenosha.  So, my lovely husband brought the girls down, we had dinner.  Life was good.

As we pulled into the parking lot and I was ready to get out of the car, he quietly says, "I may have made a tiny mistake."  So I start thinking; he volunteered to work when we had plans, told his family we'd do something I did not want to do, something broke...  Nope, he "may have mentioned to the guys" that I can drink a lot of men under the table.  This was not a falsehood.  I am not a big girl.  I am not a big drinker.  HOWEVER, I do have a very high tolerance.  All of this came up in a discussion of our upcoming gathering.  A week from tomorrow - all the guys from 2 on the Blue are going to get together.  I WAS looking forward to this.  Now - I am not so sure.  I am not sure I am in the mood for testosterone laced pressure to drink more and more and more, just because I can.  This could be my chance to prove myself and be one of the guys - back to my college days.  But that is not where I am.  I am a grown up...we'll see.  Will I be the grown up who is annoyed with all the drunks as I was for their graduation party or will I be the grown-up who sleeps until noon on Sunday?  Men!
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