Thursday, January 13, 2011

Okay...after a bit of sleep

I am not near as grumpy as I was yesterday.

Just so you don't think I just forgot to get up on the right side of my bed, I DID have a reason for being a cranky cat.

The night before I tried to be a good girl and go to bed early.  I had the lights out by 9:30pm - unheard of for me. I figured I would simply wake up when J called for the night.  I dozed off to slumber land, with amazing ease.  Around 10:45pm, my 12 year old golden, Willow, woke me up. She has very bad cataracts and does move around well in the dark - I assumed she needed some to help her find the kitchen to get a drink.  I got her into the kitchen and she headed straight to the back door - she needed to go out.  Now, in the light of day, I am so glad that she woke me up, I would have been much more upset in the morning had she not.  Nonetheless, it took me out of my bed.  She goes out and decides she wants to play in the snow.  Ordinarily, I would be thrilled that she felt up to playing - BUT I WANTED TO GO BACK TO BED.  I wore her out by tossing some snowballs for her - in my PJs and back to the bedroom we went.

The clock is reminding me that I need to get everyone up and out the door for school and I am now WIDE awake!  I decide to read until J calls to tell me how his day was.  Suddenly it is 11:45pm and I am guessing that there will be no call tonight.  Who knows why.  Why fight the droopy eyes, I let myself drift off.
At 1:50 AM - I hear a weird beep, realizing that it was the carbon monoxide detector losing power. Which only means one thing, either someone has unplugged it or the power is out.  I open my eyes only to find no ambient light - only darkness.  No streetlights, no clock face, no fish tank light from the family room - just dark.  UGH!!!!  
Now what?  I grab my phone, use my handy dandy flashlight app and head to the dining room to see if it is the whole neighborhood or just our lucky quadrant.  NOPE - all dark.  I wait for about half an hour and decide to set an alarm to wake myself up at 4:30am.  The whole time I am "sleeping", I am so paranoid that I won't hear the alarm that I can't sleep.  Finally again, I start to drift away.  Until 3:37am when my clock flashes on for brief moment - followed by the beep of the CO detector and the whoosh of the fish tanks.  And off again.  It is on again for about 30 seconds at 4:37am, giving me false hope that I would have power to get the kids ready for school.  

My flashlight app is my best friend.  I got 4 kids up, fed (cold Pop Tarts - it works), dressed (although not in complete uniform - the dryer doesn't work without electricity - B had khaki pants, instead of navy, and N had no vest) and out the door my 5:50am - just to have the lights come on as I locked the back door - figures!

So, yes, thank you for noticing, I am Supermom - just a grumpy supermom yesterday! 

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