Sunday, January 2, 2011

Perhaps it Was Not All for Naught!

So my meltdown was hard - I am not a crier.  I am the "male" in our marriage.  Not to say that he is any less of a man - but he is the sensitive one.  I am the blunt one.  He can sleep through the football game - I can't miss it.  I listen to sports radio, he listens to pop.  He loves little kids and I am definitely made for the high school.  I did not like that I fell apart, but maybe it was good for him to see that I was having a hard time and needed help.  I am not good at asking for it and always have to be able to shoulder everything - with full make up and a smile.

J has been wonderful since he has been home.  Christmas break was less than enjoyable.  But we are back to normal tomorrow.  J has also seen the need for some time with the kids.  His suggestion - to go back to our "nights". We have always had family fun nights - scheduled. Game nights, movie and pizza night (so much fun because they get to eat in the family room), library nights - you get the idea.  It is so nice to hear him say we need those back.  We seem to have been on the back burner since the academy in July and now it is nice to see that he realizes there has to be some time for family as well.  Today, I literally sat down and scheduled the next 2 months - including Daddy's work schedule, Mommy's required nights at school and all our newly scheduled family nights.  It feels good to be back to "normal".  I am hoping this 5 day break recharges all of our batteries.

Who thought our organized chaos would ever look so enticing?  I am looking forward to our chaos.
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