Sunday, January 2, 2011

Amazing How Sleep Changes Things

Two nights of sleep and suddenly my outlook is not so bleak!  Funny how that happens.  New Years Eve was nice - we spent the afternoon/evening with my brother and his family.  Our nephew was heading back to his mom's on the 1st so it was nice to see him - when he wasn't in his room texting.  (Joys of a 13 year-old boy and his 14,000 texts per month!)  My firefighter was the grillmaster - made the best rib-eyes I have had in quite a while.  We had fun watching the boys make fools of themselves on Uncle Shaun's new Wii.  It was a nice night.  After we left their house, we headed downtown to E2 to get my laptop - J was not going to let that go much longer for fear of his life.  Checked in with the cub that was on that night and headed home.  Considering we did not go out - it was a really nice NYE.  Put the Muppets to bed - considering it was 10:30 - everyone was in very good humor!  And we headed to the family room with Netflix and Coke floats. (Jealous - aren't ya!)  Mind you Ladder 49 was probably NOT the best choice of DVDs considering where my head was at - but it was nice to watch a grown up movie with no kids around.

J's shift came up today, but luckily it is his PO day.  He could have worked, but it is the last Packer game of the season, Packers vs. Bears and he was not going to miss it.  The OT would have been nice, but I am so glad he his home.  We have Daddy home until the 5th - which makes life so much easier.  I am still not sure of this new life we have chosen, but at least now - I can breathe.  That makes everything so much easier to take!

So, on to the game.  It is do or die time for the Pack - play hard or go home literally.  More than the Post-season spot that is on the line - this is a pride game.  Da Bears - considering I teach 7 miles from the IL border and I have been talking major smack from across the ocean to an Army Wife friend of mine, I need the Pack to go Bear hunting just for my personal pride!  GO PACK GO!

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