Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I Make a Horrible Girl

My ringtone is the ESPN baseball theme.  For certain people, I have the "Lucky Couch" ringtone.  I would rather watch football or hockey than go shopping.  I grew up at the Milwaukee Mile. I planned my wedding based on race schedules and Lambeau Field (not that that worked very well, the Packers played in Tokyo that year).  I start with the sports page and my Twitter is almost all sports related, with some firefighters and their wives thrown in for balance.  I have learned to dress like a lady, although I prefer jeans, my Chucks and a jersey.  Speaking of jerseys, my hubby buys me a hockey jersey for Christmas almost every year.  The SI comes in my name.  I would have loved a small wedding with a BBQ.  I am just not a very good girl.  I think I was born a tomboy and will always be a tomboy.

But, I wear make-up, almost every day.  I have NO color, even my eyebrows and eyelashes are "invisible", with the exception of ONE black hair in my left eyebrow.  (I have become comfortable enough in my own skin that I go out on the weekends without it.)  And I like how my hands look when my nails are done.  Unfortunately, neither the time nor the money are readily available at this moment, so I took matters into my own hands, so to speak.

I remember giggling at the Lee Press on Nails as a kid.  I never thought that I would ever consider entering that world.  However, tonight I decided I needed a pick me up.  So, I bought some.  It was not a total failure, but let's just say, I have no future as a manicurist.  My sweet hubby even said, "You know, I can help you with that."  I will probably take you up on that offer, my love.  I suck at this girl thing.  He may be big and tough and wear turn out gear, but he makes a better girl than I do.

I promise, I will do grown-up nails next time. 
These are very much NOT the norm for a theology teacher, 
but I love fun nails!
I would love to show you decent pictures, but my hubby called me a dork and made come sit down and finish watching Smash.  So, I snuck one while watching with the pups at my feet.  (Doncha just LOVE my flannel PJ pants!) 

Thanks for listening to my trivial ramblings.  My firefighter is simply shaking his head at me right now.  Good night and God bless.

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