Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pictures in My Mind

I see pictures, everywhere.  When I take pictures, sometimes it is to preserve memories.  Sometimes it is because I see something.  Something I think will look cool.  I can see it in b&w or maybe sepia.  Sometimes it is the rays from the sun or the shadows.  Sometimes it is the twinkle in one of the kids' eyes.  Sometimes it is just because.  But I literally see pictures.  I might see a piece of a building or a date in the cornerstone.  Maybe the sun coming through the trees or the beautiful sunrises over Lake Michigan every morning. Maybe it is simply something I find funny...or ironic.  I was cleaning off some of the photos on my phone, just my go to camera that I find I cannot live without.  All because I see pictures everywhere.  Enjoy a look into my world and maybe a piece of my mind.  Be warned, it can be a scary place.
Political Commentary?

Whose office is it?

My old lady finding a bit of youthful energy this past summer.

Inside my medicine cabinet on a Blue Shift

Smiles and happiness
Careful calibration 
The Grandpa Tree

My old man enjoying the sun.  I so miss that guy.
Honor, courage, integrity
Smell that?

Sometimes innocence is refreshing to see at such a somber moment.

I tear up when I see this picture of my hubby's gear.
One of my favorites pictures of all time.

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