Saturday, February 11, 2012

The End is in Sight

Paramedic school is over.  My hubby is taking the practical portion of his National Boards today.  After a week of going through the stations and practicing for today, it is here.  He is confident and ready to go.  And I am so excited.  I called to be sure I wished him luck.  I couldn't remember if I had before he left or not.  So, after he rocks his exam today, he begins 9 weeks in the field (on the BLUE shift, again, UGH!) before the written in April.  After the written portion of his boards, he goes back to Truck 1, until the results come in and he is assigned to a med house. 

It has been a long haul here.  Since he took the test to be admitted into the Paramedic program, he has taken some heat.  Some superiors have given him some flack for not being a "real" firefighter.  He took that very personally.  He questioned, and might still continue now to question if he has had enough experience in the fire world to come out of it.  Others above him, however, have really encouraged him to take this route.  Paramedics can make Lt. a year earlier than their peers.  He has really been pulled in two different directions. But, he made it.  Some of it was hard, but my FF pushed through.  I can't imagine such an intensive program with four kids and a out-going wife.  He did great.

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And now we move on to the next portion of our journey.  I have to adjust to sleeping alone, again.  Mornings when J is on shift are actually easier, as odd as that sounds.  I am less tempted to stay in bed for that extra snooze.  I tend to get everything set up the night before and we get out of the house earlier, than when I have my FF to help me. But, I have to get used to sleeping alone.  Not that I ever sleep alone.  The pyrs always join me when he is gone.  Being out of his cub year will make it easier on the kids.  Easier for J to help with homework through Skype.  Easier for the kids to be able to tell Daddy about their day when he's on a 48.   J has to adjust to the idea that he will not be fighting fires for a while, that is hard.  He knows that this is best for his career.  But, I remember how much he loved his time in his ride alongs while in EMT school.  I am hoping that he finds that excitement again.  We will have to adjust, again.

There will still be more studying as we make our way to the exam.  But, it can be while the kids and I are at school. When he is home, he can be home with us.  He can pick up the kids when I have a meeting after school, so I am not terrified that my muppets are running wild or killing each other up in my classroom.  I can go to mass before school, without having to watch the clock to see about taking the 3 stooges to the lower campus.  I can breathe again.  I am looking forward to it. 

Wish my FF  luck as he goes through the first part of his boards.  Wish us all luck as we find our way back to normal.
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