Thursday, February 23, 2012


Lent is upon us.  I have helped my kids, both at home and at work, decide what they are willing to sacrifice to help prepare them for the celebrations of the Resurrection.  We have discussed the 40 days of fasting and meditation that took place in the desert.  We also discussed the temptations of Christ while on that very spiritual journey.  I met mine head-on today...and succeeded!

fact about mcDonalds nutrition mcdonalds drink 10 Interesting Mcdonalds Nutrition FactsWe are in the midst of finals week.  Ash Wednesday being yesterday, makes it very difficult for me to get through the stress of this week.  My Lenten sacrifices, while trivial, are very real sacrifices for me.  I am giving up soda and sugary food - candy, sweets, cereal with anything other than grains, you get the idea. I am a sugar junkie.  I can moderate, beautifully.  But, Cold Turkey, that's rough.  I am also sticking VERY true to the 2 small  meals (protein shakes), less than a full meal combined, and a full meal.  I am pretty proud of that on Day 2 of Lent.  (Don't make fun of my small milestones.)

Another teacher came to me this AM, absolutely in tears over a very sensitive issue.  So, after exams, I invited her to lunch.  I figured since my FF was on shift today and my nerves are shot after the events of his last shift, I would not be hungry tonight.  We visited the Golden Arches, N picked.  I ordered my quarter pounder with cheese meal, ketchup only.  Shamrock shakes are upon us, yum, but my waistline does not need them. Got my cup and my fries.  Went to full up my cup with some ice-cold Coca-Cola and I remembered.  <sigh>  I filled my cup with water, as Ms. M and N filled theirs with sweet yummy pop.  As we left, I filled it up again - with water. <double sigh>  Totally worth it, but still so hard.  I think I know how smokers must feel when they are stressed and longing for a cigarette.  It is a sacrifice and it is good for my health.  I can make it the next 45 days.

What are you giving up this Lent?
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