Monday, February 27, 2012

Those Dang Tones

We were on our way home from Milwaukee, just getting off on our exit when I heard the Muppets theme song coming from my purse.  J has the "house" phone since he can't find his.  The ring explains itself.  By the time I got it out, I missed him.  So, I quickly called him back.  We got about 45 seconds into our conversation, when that well known noise in the background went off - the tones.  I think it gets both of our hearts pumping, for very different reasons.  "Bye honey. Love you."

After so temper tantrums and tears (and not from the girls), we got everyone to bed.  Uniforms and clothes for school laid out.  Pups fed and convinced to come back into the house.  I got my syllabis taken care of and my Moodle pages set up.  I watched some TV and dosed during the news.  I turned off the TV around 11pm.  I jumped to awake at 3:56am.  

Did I miss his call?  Where is my phone?  Is everything okay?  Dang, now I have to go to the bathroom.  

And I am awake.

Find my phone, no missed calls.  But, I don't know if he is going to work at the Montessori or if he is going to the house in Milwaukee.  I don't know how his day and or night went.  We talk.  A lot and about everything.  I hate not knowing.

Damn tones.
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