Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day, Geek Style

Okay, after last Valentine's Day, we decided to not make a big deal at all about the day.  We agreed no gifts, I do think it is indeed a Hallmark holiday.  I much prefer the just because types of flowers.  

So, we had lunch together, not because of me, but because of our oldest.  On V-day, our middle school has a special luncheon with kids and their parents.  Unfortunately, being a high school teacher, our lunch hours are different.  My hubby is helping out at the Montessori this week at the other campus, so he could not make it.  So, he ran to Rocky's and picked up a Heart Shaped pizza with some breadsticks and the three of us had lunch in my room.  It was such a nice lunch.

After school, my hubby went on a mission with me and after we ran some errands.  We grabbed some cargo netting to make a pet net for the girls and I wandered over to the bead section.  I miss making jewelry.  I have not made anything since O was born.  So we are talking over 4 years.  So, my hubby is pushing me a bit.  So, he bought me things to make a few rings and now... I have the bug again.  Then we ran to the office supply store, it is science fair time again.  He picked up a board and suggested we get a clicker for my class.  I was in heaven!
See, I told you I was a geek.  I suppose the proper term is a Presentation Tool.  All I know, is my laptop is tied to my desk due to the lack of outlets in my room.  I teach for 5 1/2 hours straight and my battery life just can't keep up.  Which makes for constant trips to my desk during a lecture.  Now, I have a laser pointer and I can move about my room.  Can you say heaven???

Oh yeah, after my geek tool, he took me to Applebee's, sans muppets.  He then came home and did the submarine experiment with N, helped him write it up and create the chart.  Ahhh, I could get used to this!!

I am so easy to please.  Sometimes it is just the simple things that make life easier! 

Friday we go back into the fire world and my hubby goes back on shift.  Wish me luck on getting my groove back.
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