Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Are We There Yet?

Well, almost...
I am so ready for summer, probably worse than my seniors.  There are 17 1/2 days left with seniors and 25 days - including exams - for the rest of us.  And I am counting.  Usually, I don't until we are in the single digits, but for some reason spring fever has lead to need to sing "Schools Out For Summer".  It is sad, really.

But, my hubby just finished his paramedic training and passed his National Registry, so I get him back again.  We are moving at the end of next month, next to another fire family and I cannot wait to get in and paint and get settled.  I am excited about playing with the kids and chatting with our neighbors at the "beer fence."  As much as I loved my big old house, it is not what I envisioned in my mind.  My hubby hates it and our basement is too low for him to walk in, much less create any sort of family room/ rec room space for the muppets to have some space.  And, after the break in, I am ready to go.  We have a showing this evening, keep your fingers crossed.

My FF and I have started P90X and I LOVE it. (I have the "before" pictures, just not sure I am brave enough to share them!) Sad or sadistic, not sure what it is.  But, I am junky when it comes to the endorphin release created by exercise and it does give me a high.  So, anyway, I am excited to have the mornings free to start the cardio workouts that are in the Doubles rotation.  I am excited to go to the park with the kids, to go swimming, picnicking, to head to the Lakefront, to live.  I am just excited for June to get here.  So, this whole school thing, as much as I love it and will be missing it by the end of July, is getting in the way.  One of those moments where I wish my skill lay in a field that lent itself to a SAHM kind of a world.  Never thought I would say that in a million, bazillion years!

Enjoy your day. Hug your kids, kiss your firefighter and enjoy life.
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