Monday, April 2, 2012

It is done

Willow's on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.  We drove out to our vet's house last night.  She is simply amazing.  Willow's hot spot, wasn't a hot spot.  She said it was probably that her hips were hurting so badly, that she was trying to get whatever was hurting, out.  She didn't fight, no struggle.  And my Willow girl is a fighter, truly a tough cookie.  But at 8pm last night, there was no fight left.  It was time.  Not that it makes it any easier for anyone.  
A last chance for a few quick pictures...

The kids had a hard time.  I had a hard time.  My FF had a hard time. 

Then, 2:30am, boys woke up with fevers.  When I went to move the truck, it died backing it out of the parking spot, luckily my hubby hadn't left yet.  He was in the car, but still here.  He pushed me out of the alley.  The Bear got out.  It just did not get any better.  Tears were flowing.  No one slept very well.  The boys said they felt fine, even though I was not so sure.  Just one of those days I guess.

We had a pancake breakfast.   Then I decided to make a trip to Build-A-Bear.  When we got there, no goldens, even though there was one on-line.  So, we opted for a Fennec Fox, looks like a golden whose ears decided to stick up.  We even found bandannas like Will's.  How perfect!  And it worked.  These little fleece packages of fuzz brought smiles through the tears and suddenly there were some snickers and laughter made its way back.  Kids are amazing!

It worked, they were excited.  And the healing began.  Life can continue now.

I told the kids that they were hurting so badly, simply because they loved so deeply.  Now, Willow is gone and she took part of their hearts with her to keep her company.  All the joy over the last 13 years, is worth the sorrow.  But it does not make it any easier.

Rest In Peace Princess Willow, your reign was amazing.  

January 24, 1999-April 1, 2012.  We will love you forever.
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