Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Awesome Firefighter

This whole blogging venture started as a quasi journal.  Adjusting to life as a firewife was not what I had envisioned.  Packing up and moving my classroom to a school 2 counties away, with 4 muppets in tow was not a fun way to start.  Then come conferences and open house, while my FF is still in the academy, having to drive an hour and a half both (From school and back - in rush hour) ways to drop the kids off at my dad's, just to drive it again later in the night, was making me crazy.  There was no break.  Full time mom, full time teacher and full time wife to a husband I was beginning to think was a figment of my imagination, was eating me alive.

Sometimes I think I vent too much on here.  Sometimes I think I focus on what is bugging me, just so I don't keep it locked up and let it consume me.  So here is a happy post.

Hubby worked yesterday.  I took the kids to have their pictures taken.  I haven't gotten all four together in quite some time.  I also got a few with me in them, because I have very few pictures of us together.  I am usually taking the pictures.  The kids were AMAZING.  The photographer was amazed. 

Those dang tones...again.

We stopped at the golden arches for lunch on the way and stopped to see Daddy at a new firehouse. He is homeless for a bit.  He starts Tuesday at his medhouse, which is the same house he did his field experience, but until then he kinda goes where he is needed. The kids love that we stopped in to see him. He  ate lunch with us in the bay.  Well, he started to eat lunch...until the tones went off.  Then it was, "Bye Daddy".

The Lt. was nice enough and let us hang out until they got back.  21 is an older house, turn of the century-ish.  I showed the boys the steep stairs and explained that they were so steep to keep the horses from coming up them at night.  

The kids tried to sit politely while we waited in an empty firehouse. They were so excited when the med unit came back, even though the engine was still not back.  And thrilled when they got to play in a new (to them) engine.  I don't think that will ever get old.

We had a lovely dinner at Culver's, started to watch the Brewers absolutely implode and then came home.  When Daddy got off shift, he picked me up for a breakfast date at Perkins - including a Peanut Butter Silk pie, which is mine to do with as I see fit, per Daddy.  But, you know I will share it with my muppets.  He also indulged my desire to pick up a few more paint chips for the new house, as well as look at cabinets for the kitchen, which I know he was not in the mood to do.

It was a lovely start to my weekend.  I can't wait for the pictures to be in.  I am so excited.  I love new pictures!

So, there is my sunshine and butterflies for you today.  Now, I am off to continue season 3 of Mad Men, while my girlies and FF nap and the boys are watching something downstairs.  Happy Saturday!  Hug your kids and kiss your firefighters.

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