Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard of 2011 - When My Girls Learned to Share

I teach at a school 54 miles from home.  It is usually not a bad thing.  Nice time to unwind, plan dinner, decompress as much as you can with 2 boys in the back seat.  Unless there is a Blizzard coming.  Then it is messy and nerve wracking at moments.

I have discovered God does not really like the Blue shift.  All of our major snows have come on the Blue.  It is know as the holiday shift - year after year, they get the holidays.  But this time, there was an added perk - puking girls.

At first, again being foolhardy, I thought I had beaten this.  D got sick at school - threw up her morning snack all over.  Poor Miss Bradley. All the patience in the world is needed to work with 4 year-olds, but when they look like they are trying out for Linda Blair, I shiver.   BUT, my Dad had a dentist appt. yesterday.  So, when the school called him, he could easily grab my sick little princess.  I did not have to come home any earlier than planned.  She hung out with grandpa watching TV, napping.  Life was good.  I made dinner at my dad's and before the winds got to be too bad, we were home.  My boys got the girls in bed and fed the dogs, so I could clear the snow.  After a little more than an hour, I came back in to warm up and settle in.  Foolish lady.

At about 10pm, there was a blood curdling scream from the girls' room.  I run upstairs and O is screaming that her tummy hurt.  D said the same thing yesterday morning.  I run in and grab her to take her to the bathroom - just to have her puke down my back.  EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

I know NOBODY enjoys vomit, but spending 4 pregnancies puking the whole time, I REALLY can't handle it.  But, like a dutiful fire wife, I cleaned us and the floor up.  And brought her down with me.  She snuggled in for a bit, then began whimpering.  Luckily, she has learned how to use the puke bucket and we had minimal clean up.    We had 4 more rounds of this throughout the night.  J called at 4:15 to tell me he had been snowblowing since 3am.  I told him to send in the National Guard - or at least come home.  It is 9:32 AM - still no relief in sight.  :(

The highways have been deemed in passable, the side streets have yet to be plowed.  I should go out and clear the snow, but I just can't get there yet.  I can open my back door a whopping 6 inches to let the K9s out.   I thought I loved snow.  I think I may have changed my mind along with this career change.  I am not going to push J to come home, just silently hope he can soon and safely.  I am certain it will make its way through the remaining 3 of us.  I don't know if I can handle our oldest puking, along with the other kids, by myself.  Wish us luck.  I will get pictures on in a bit.
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