Wednesday, February 2, 2011

In Preparation for the Storm of the Decade

I live in Wisconsin.  Snow is a part of life.  It may slow us done, but it does not stop us.  Monday, after work, I dropped the boys off at home (knowing Daddy was only five minutes behind me with the girls) and headed to the store.  I am wholly convinced the storm did not hit until late Tuesday night because I took this step.  Had I told myself, "Eh - I can go tomorrow."  the  heavens would have opened up and we would have an additional 6 feet of snow.  I took my reusable grocery bags and headed off to Woodman's - my new love.

Now, once you get over the sheer magnitude of the the place, Woodman's is awesome.  I can now run-in and grab what I need, without having to stop and ask for directions or use an atlas.  I have fallen in love.  Monday was a rare treat - yes, going to the grocery store was a treat! Why might you ask?  Simple, I did it without children.  It was a pleasant 45 minutes, as I am a power shopper.  Even with 4 phone calls from Daddy or one of his evil minions.  I did not have to worry about who was grabbing what, who was touching whom, who needed to go potty when it is a 10 minute walk to the bathroom.  It was nice! 

Now, I realized how sad this was when a gentleman stopped my on my way back from the frozen food section.  He asked why I was so happy.  After a puzzled look, he explained.  I guess I was  either singing along to the elevator music or laughing at the kids who were calling for their Daddy to have me pick up something he wanted - every time he passed me.  I think he was going one way down the aisles and I was going the other.   He couldn't understand how I could be happy with the roads as messy as they already were, the impending blizzard and the mere fact that I was doing the tedious chore of grocery shopping. I simply replied, "I have four children and they are at home with my husband."  He smiled and we exchanged some pleasantries and on our way we went.

After that discussion, I realized a simple fact of life.  My life is no longer my own.  I no longer have time away from the house without at least one child.  I used to have at least part of my drive to school without any kids - that is gone for the next 14 years.  If I run to the store, I usually have all four muppets, or at least Olivia.  So, to be away from them for a mere 45 minutes, was a treat.  Not to say that I don't love my children, just that I like me, and should find a way to spend more time with - me.

Be safe today.
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