Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Day After the Snow Day

Is another Snow  Day.  How cool is that!?!   Yesterday was the messy, pukey, cleaning up everything, waiting to see if Daddy can make it home from the station kind of day and today is a freebie.  So AWESOME!  No one was sick last night, J was home so I got to sleep, there is no mountains of snow to move with my bare hands.  Ahh, now I can go back to my childhood.

So, on the docket for today.  Obviously, you can't have a snow day without playing in the snow.  I expect there so be several rounds of that - if it warms up to above zero.  A bit of work to be done - Daddy gets to dig out my car so we don'g have any craziness to deal with tomorrow when we all go back to reality and he goes back to work.  And some baking to be done.

Monday, I went to the store, knowing we would be off Wednesday.  My kids LOVE to bake and cook, especially my girls.  I have a hard time keeping them out of my teeny tiny kitchen.  So, I bought cool cookie and bread mixes for us to make Wednesday.  We never got to it yesterday, so today is the perfect opportunity.

Now, in theory - I should also schedule some time to grade papers, but you know.  The weekend is just around the corner.   I can get to it then.  :D

So, today, is for family fun.  I think we might sneak in a game night.  Tomorrow we'll head to the library, since they have been closed the last two days.  I will be sure to post pictures of the hi-jinx that ensues.

Have a great day!  Kiss your kids.
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