Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hotter than...

Oh my Lord!  I love summer.  I love the sunshine.  But this is ridiculous.  We are in Wisconsin, usually we're fussing because we would like to see high 70s instead of 60s.  Winter clothes never totally get put away, because it could be cold at anytime.  We had six 90 degree days before summer officially started. And it just hasn't quit. Last year, it took us to the end of July.  I think today, we have a break - high 80s, before it continues again next week.

And, we have had no rain. The 6th driest on record. June gave us 4 days with  any rain. Our last rain was June 18th.  We got a total of .90" for the entire month, most of which came on June 16th when we got a whopping .88".  We had no snow this winter and it is continuing into the spring and summer.  Now, its good for the mosquito situation, but not for much else.

So, moral of the story, if you are in this heat dome as they are calling it, check on your neighbors, take care of your pets and DRINK!.  Run through the sprinkler with your kids, hang out at the community pools and remind your FFs to take care of themselves, especially if they do all of their calls in their bunker gear, regardless of whether or not it is a fire call or a med call, like my FF.  Be careful with your grills, cigarettes and fireworks.  Think twice before having that bonfire, your yard may be fine and you may have the hose ready, but what about that ember that you don't notice flying into your neighbor's yard  - you know, the one who refuses to water his lawn and in this HOT fricking "moderate drought" you have found yourself in, has let it turn to straw - are you ready for that one.

Take care of one another.  Hug your kids, kiss your FFs and cool your k9s.  

To all of my Wildfire counterparts, know we are praying for rain to help your FFs battle.  We are also praying for their safe return home - quickly.  Please know how much their battle is appreciated by those whose lives and homes are in danger from their horrible situation. Come home safe...and thank you.

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