Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Not Quite Wordless Wednesday

The kids had an idea - to make Daddy a welcome home sign after his 48 this weekend.  And D chimes is, "Yeah.  Let's help him enjoy his visit with us."  I thought it was a cute idea.  We made it happen, took pictures for Daddy's locker.

And then I thought about how profound a statement it was.

Daddy was just a visitor in our home.


So we had the sign waiting on the porch for Daddy when he got home and he was all smiles with the muppets.  They were so happy to see him and thrilled with their message. And then I think it sunk in.  It wasn't me nagging and complaining.  It was our kids adjusting to life without Daddy around.  It is a testament to the resiliency of children as well as a profound statement of the his absence was having on the kids.

Sometimes you say it best, when you say nothing at all.  I think he left with a little of a heavy heart for his shift the next day.  He has 2 more 48s this month and hopefully we'll be done for a bit. 

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