Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Bathroom

I LOVE our new house, except for the bathroom.  I am trying to love the bathroom.  But it is little and it is tiled, has chrome built-ins over the sink and dated 50s colors.  The shower curtain was here when we moved in, I just changed out the liner until I could figure out what to do. It is "sufficient" as my grandmother called it.  What more do I need?  It has a tub with a shower, a toilet and a sink.  There you go.  I have a towel rack that can actual lie nearly flat to the wall.

So, I am turning my sour grapes into wine...or maybe I need some wine...anyway.  Back to the story at hand.

 I would like to replace the medicine cabinet, and actually I have one - new, in the box, in the garage.  But, My FF does not think it will fit.  I think I will pursue this later.  I thought that they were standard, but what do I know.  There are little flowers on it and there is one missing on lower right hand corner.  It SCREAMS at me every time I brush my teeth or wash my face.  Weird, yes, but none-the-less I see every time I am in the bathroom.

See, doesn't it just JUMP out at you as well??

So, back to my sour grapes into wine.  (Thinking I need a drink??) 

I started with something for the walls, trying to work with the colors at hand and  that helped.  I love these tin signs - think I found these at Hobby Lobby.  It kept my Parisian theme going throughout the first floor and tied in the turquoise tile, which suddenly did not look so dated.

As you leave the bathroom, there is a good reminder next to the door.  It also ties in the colors, as well.

Then I covered the dingy old switch plate, which I could have just as easily replaced.  But, work with what you have has been my motto lately and here you have it.  Some scrapbook paper and some Mod Podge and there you have it.  Again, tying in the colors of the tile.

The shower curtain is not my cup of tea, hence my search for a replacement.  I am trying to keep the colors and most of what I find are plastic cheesy curtains.  At that point I can just keep this one.  I have not found anything that I like in the world of Brick and Mortar, so as usual, I hit the cyber world.  I found one at Target and I think this maybe the one I go with. It has a little bit more of a grown-up feel to it and a bit of the Parisian flavor as well.  Thoughts?

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