Thursday, July 19, 2012

Plans change

And you just have to adapt.  It is the mantra of every firefighter's spouse.  Especially while in the midst of a 48. Once in a while it is an unexpected moment Sometimes it is a good thing.  Like today.

I have an errand to run later today.  Someday I will decide if I am brave enough to share them or not.  For now, let it be an errand.  Anyway, after that, I was going to paint my bathroom.  I fussed about it earlier. I have the new shower curtain that I got UBBER cheap at Anna's Linens - my first time into the store.  I have the tile taped off, ready to go - which is the tedious part.  So why am I not partaking in just getting it done?  

Well, maybe because I am waiting for my FF to be home tomorrow so no one fights around the ladder while I am trying not to dump the paint all over my tub, because of insert whining kid issue here.  Totally practical reason, I grant you, but I am feeling much more frivolous. 

There was a deal I could not pass up on Craigslist for an amazing item I truly hae no space for.  It is the color I wanted.  It is in my size and it has barely been used, due to duplicate pieces.  And it was a price that you just couldn't ignore.  The story is a little sad.   Desperate times, desperate measures.  But I am in love and will bring joy back to its life.

My KitchenAid Mixer!


You will find me full of flour.  I believe there will be some bars and cookies in my kids' futures.  I am going to try not to go hog wild and have all of that just laying around.  But I think about the winter months - which are always full of fresh baked bread and homemade pizza and smile.  I cannot wait for fall to come.  Can you tell I am not used to the 100 degree weather?

I am so excited.

UPDATE:  12:38pm CDT
I can totally make a double batch w/o making have the governor declare it a disaster area!

Banana cookies with PB frosting
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