Sunday, July 29, 2012

Like a Kid on Christmas Morning

I am as bad as the kids on Christmas morning.  I seem to have misplaced my patience.

My FF just came off of a 48 - our last one for a while.  I have been with the muppets for 48 hours.  The first day of the 48, my amazing firewife neighbor (whose FF is on the same shift as mine) needed my help.  Her babysitter was just not doing well with her three stooges and she did not need any more phone calls at work, given her job (and it was a crazy night at work for her).  So, I kinda stepped in and took over.  No big deal, but not the night I had planned.  Seven kids can be a bit draining, especially when there is some unnecessary drama going on.

Last night, my amazing firewife comrade in arms, made burgers and we fed the masses, while her hubby was on a boys' night.  I think it is good that we have each other, but still not the night that she had planned.

This morning, eight o'clock mass, with 4 muppets, alone for the fourth week in a row - and my hubby calls right in the middle of prayer - twice.  I think I have THE LOUDEST vibrating phone in the WORLD, btw. I quickly texted 'mass' to him.  He forgot it was Sunday.  UGH!

And now, we have been home for a few hours, I am still on duty.  Keeping the muppets quiet and outside. 

And all I want to do is wake him up.

So sad.  Ah well.  Back to my list of school supplies - 60 pencils, 14 glue sticks...another post for another day.

Have a great week.  Love up your kids and hug your firefighters.
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