Friday, July 20, 2012

Here We Are, Yet Again...


Here is another, where were you when...

Where were you when...

The Challenger exploded

The earthquake in San Francisco interrupted the World Series

The Wall came down

Desert Storm

Oklahoma City was scarred forever, on my mom's birthday

OJ walked



Dale Earnhardt

The Columbia ignited before our very eyes


And now...Aurora, Colorado 

I can tell you for each of these events - which tells you how much they impacted me, given the swiss cheese I have for a brain - where I was, what I was doing, who I was with.  And I am sure there are more on my list, this was just what came to me as I started to think about these monumental events.  You can figure out my age based on where I started my list. 

Please take a moment and say a prayer.  A prayer for those who lost their lives and those who loved them and are in such unimaginable pain.  For the amazing police, fire, medical and haz-mat personnel who made sure that everyone they could protect, were indeed safe.  For those who will never be able to walk into a movie theater again out of fear.  For the family of the one who cut so many lives short, I don't know how they will get through knowing this atrocity to humanity was caused by one of their own.  For our society, some people are becoming immune to these kind of events - to the point of LOUD complaints when sports radio hosts choose to put baseball on the back burner for a morning.  REALLY?? For healing...

PLEASE be sure to hug your kids and kiss your firefighters.  This could happen anywhere, at anytime.  Anyone of us could lose those we love to this kind of senseless tragedy.  At the Fair, at the ballgame, at a school, at the movies.  Say what you need to say and know that at anytime we may be called away for reasons only He can understand.

"If there's anything to take away from this tragedy it's the reminder that life is very fragile. Our time here is limited and it is precious. And what matters at the end of the day is not the small things, it's not the trivial things, which so often consume us and our daily lives, ultimately it is how we choose to treat one another and how we love one another..."

~President Obama

I could care less where you stand politically, what he said should hit home for every one of us and serve as a reminder.  There are no guarantees.  NONE.  

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