Monday, July 16, 2012


I know budget cuts are everywhere - I am a teacher, married to a firefighter.  I get it . We need to trim the fat.  I get it.  The market crashed, the economy crashed.  The old norm is now a memory of the good old days.  It will be the chat at the Beer Fence, the remember when discussion, the material for retirement speeches.  The good old days.
I talk to my friends who are firewives in other parts of the country, the fire department is still seen as important pillars of the community - valued. 

Here, my husband has been sworn at repeatedly while snowblowing in his turnout gear - in front of our children by irate citizens who thinks he makes so much money - during a blizzard to make sure the rigs can get out safely when someone collapses with chest pains while shoveling said snow.  The department is constantly under fire for eating meals together.  They are publicly disparaged for grocery shopping and sitting in the bay on a nice day.  There is even a push among the public for 8 hour work days for FFs.  <eyeroll> I don't think the FFs I have come in contact with have hero complexes that are so often associated with being on the job.  Like any other field some are better than others at what they do.  Some are jerks and some are amazing.  Some have aspirations to crawl up the ladder, while others are content to be FFs forever and ever amen. But that is just life.  Show me a profession that does not see those discrepancies among drive and work ethic.

We have seen our fair share of the effects of the budgets - some in terms of staffing, some in the way of benefits and salaries.  Again, tightening the belt is just part of life.  We have had brown outs and companies taken out of service, but NOTHING like this.

Peace, healing and safe returns to the Detroit Fire Department.  Be sure to have each other's backs, it seems like no one else in the political arena will.  Be patient, but strong.  Continue to serve, but come home safe to your families.  Know that we are all thinking of you at this moment of true crisis.
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