Friday, December 7, 2012

Being a Servant

We talk about it on a regular basis in our school, in my classroom, at home.  We talk about service requirements - is it really service if it is required.  If we don't require it and only HIGHLY encourage it, how do we motivate our teens (who can be sloths at times) to serve willingly in order to experience the joy that comes with it.

We talk about it at home when the kids whine that it is not their job.  Or when they want to get paid for chores. (We don't pay for chores - it is just part of being family.)  Or when we are putting stuff together for toy drives or food drives.  Or my super double secret current service project that I can't talk about it.  The kids see it in action and I hope to God that it becomes part of their being as their enter into their own space and time.

My Social Justice Classes are working on BIG service projects - Dress a Girl Around the World, Sandy relief, Shantytowns, etc.  And ENJOYING IT!

Service means helping others because you can.

My FF had a long night - a fire that kept him out for most of it and just as they neared quarters at 4:15am, they got called back out for a messy call that took at ton to handle.

I got a call at 6:20 on my way in to see if the FF could sub at our Lower Campus, they were really short staffed and he wasn't answering his phone.  I woke him up and he wandered out of the dorm, probably with his eyes closed.  And said he would.

My FF had a long night.  He still is willing to help.  He had a lunch date with his mom and was okay rescheduling it.  It is his birthday.  And he is still going in.  How many people take off to celebrate their birthday?  He is working a 32 hour shift on his birthday - in service.  The people in his area really need his services.  The kids he will be teaching LOVE having him there.  He will be back in the school on Monday - another 32 hour shift to help out Miss America's mom and take over her 4th grade classroom so she can help Laura out.  He is a servant.  Always willing and humble.  And that is why he is  a wonderful role model for my boys.  He is a great guy.

Now, if only I could train him to put  away his laundry... 

The weekend is upon us.  Enjoy the time with your kids as you prepare for Christmas.  Love them and be sure your FF knows how much you appreciate them. 

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