Wednesday, December 12, 2012


the greatest gifts have no price tag.

Plain and simple.  No money is exchanged, but love and joy are shared.

My FF will be home on Christmas Eve and Day this year.  He was scheduled to work Eve, but another FF texted last night to ask if he could work NYE. (He asks about every holiday!)  I said, "Tell him 'Sure, if you can work Christmas Eve.' "  And my sassy mouth was shut very quickly this morning as I was walking out the door.  The other FF agreed. 

It puts him on a 48 - Dec 30 and 31st.  It means he will sleep the day away on the 1st, but he will be home for the Rose Bowl and with me for Christmas Eve.

There could have been no better gift or way to start my day today.

Happy Half Way to Friday Day!

Love on those Muppets and Kiss your FF.  Advent is upon us and so is the joy that comes with it.
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