Monday, December 10, 2012

I hate fighting

It was just a perfect storm of fatigue and stress and foolishness.  It was a silly fight.  

And then he went to work and I missed him horribly.

My dad must have known that and came over with pizza and watched some football with me for a couple of hours.

And now he's teaching 4th graders for Miss America's mom who is on chaperone duty after the football game last night.  And he will be sleepy when we make it home.  We'll probably eat dinner and get the kids to bed and he'll be out cold.

And I will still miss him.

And then I will go to school tomorrow morning, see him for a few hours tomorrow night and we are back on shift when the sun rises again.

I hate fighting.  

It wastes time that is far too valuable.

Hug those kids and kiss and make up with your firefighters as soon as you can.  No grudge is worth it.

8 more days until Christmas Break - yes, I am indeed counting!
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