Thursday, December 13, 2012

I'm Not Really Grumpy

I'm just ready for break.  I need to get the batteries recharged.  Yesterday I was on a bit of a high from the Christmas Eve news.  Today, knowing I still have another week of school...I'm not quite so high.

Maybe it was because I actually slept in my own bed last night and then jumped six feet when I turned to put my arm around my FF and he wasn't there - see I shouldn't sleep there when he's gone.  I don't have that issue on the couch.  Or maybe it was the tones going off right after, "Hi Honey, how are you?....Engine 2...Med 7..." at 6:45 this morning. Or maybe it was B leaving his lunch in my car and having to beg a Lower Campus teacher who is an Upper Campus mommy to drop it off for me.  One of them or all of them, who's to say.  I am just not sure I will make it through the next week until Christmas Break.

I need tomorrow to be the start of my break, not next Friday.  I am kind of to the point where I am not sure I'll make it.  Not because of the kids here at school, we have great kids.  Just because of life.  I tried to make arrangements to wrap presents at my Dad's - dang, we have a prior commitment.  Those COMMITMENTS are what I need a break from.  I need a break from what everyone else needs me to do.  I need some time to sit in my PJs and watch Christmas movies with the muppets.  To sit enjoy the Christmas lights, not just use them to fold laundry or grade papers by.

It will be here.  I just need to be patient, not necessarily something that I am good at by the way.  Tomorrow's Friday.  Baby steps to break, I guess.

Hug your FFs and Muppets, let them know you love them.  Enjoy the preparation for the coming holiday and please don't let it become a chore.
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