Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Fire Wife in Need of Some Creative Solutions

We've all been there.  A perfect date comes along. Someone has tickets they can't use or a dinner invite comes your way.  And you guys could REALLY use a night out.  Or maybe you just notice that the two of you need some time to reconnect.  Bills...groceries...teething toddlers...pagers going off during dinner...dogs getting out...48 on top of 48 on top of 48...

Clearly the "us" component of us, can get lost in all that grown up reality.  

What if it is compounded with a feeling of isolation, meaning there's no one to help you with the kids to allow you to reconnect with your husband.  Grandma and Grandpa are half a country away.  You moved away from home in order to find a department that was hiring.  You haven't connected with the other wives in your department.  But, none-the-less, you are still looking for a way to reach out for your husband because you guys are really all you have in the land if Isolation. 

I have to admit, I have become spoiled with a teenager in the house.  And I was HORRIBLE at making this happen before.  And I know that I can ask for help.  I am doing just that.  There is a fire wife in need of some creative suggestions.

How in the heck do you do it??

So, here's what I am looking for.  I need creative solutions for date nights, when there are little ones and babysitters are usually an issue.  Face it, if there's no family, then you need to turn to teenagers.  And they are demanding wages to equal the price of the gas in their tank.  And as much as the public keeps telling my husband is overpaid, we all know that's just crazy talk.  So...no teenage babysitters.

You...your firefighter...the kids. How do you find ways to reconnect?  How do you date, when money is tight and there is no one to help with the kids?  Do you wait until the kids fall asleep and date at home with some board games and a bottle of wine?  Do you arrange a picnic in the backyard?  Send your creative juices my way so that I can pass them on.  PLEASE pick your brain.  Send me an email, send me an IM on Faceboook  or just post here.  But we have a Fire Wife in need.  Let's help her out!!!

Psssssst - this was good excuse to go through the pictures of my muppets.  They are growing up on me soooo fast!
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