Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

Sleep has not been my friend lately.  Ehh, not the end of the world, but still rather annoying.  But it does allow me quite a bit of time to think - scary thought.  My mind really wanders during these moments.

FF is starting a 48 today, which means I am on my own for the 4th.  No worries, I got this.  Parade at 9am, Ice Cream in the park afterwards.  Come home for some lunch and running around.  Party with friends at 5pm, head back over to the Park for Fireworks - life is good.  I will definitely miss my FF.  He'll sleep Saturday, go back to work Sunday and then there's a race at the Mile Monday and Tuesday.  But then, then life "slows down".  He is going on to 40 hour weeks starting next week - M-Tr - NICE!  He will doing some amazing work for the mental health of our department - BONUS!  And I will get to spend every night with him and three day weekends.  See me in August when I can't wait for him to go back on shift, but for right now, it sounds heavenly!  (PLUS - he will be home with me on Sundays - I don't have to do Mass solo for a bit!!!)  It is only for a month, but it is perfect timing!

I am writing to you from a really crowded bed.  My FF is sleeping peacefully on his half - makes for a happy FireMan.  The polar bears are at MY feet.  My youngest is on my other side, she just came down a bit ago and asked if she could snuggle.  She's out cold and past the feet in the face stage.  Now, I was a "No kids allowed in my bed unless you are dying" kind of a mom for most of parenting career.  Muppets could come in on Saturday mornings and snuggle and watch cartoons or to calm the soul after a nightmare, but even that was off to bed once all was calm.  And I think it was the right thing for my family.  They sleep beautifully and are relatively easy to get moving in the morning - no real complaints. 

But as of late, I have gotten rather lax with the back to bed part.  It is mainly O that comes down.  But she's my last.  Soon no one will want to snuggle with me.  The girls still love to snuggle, B likes to come lay with the dogs and watch TV in my room - but soon he will be a recluse, hiding in the magical world of his bedroom like his brother.  So, I have gotten soft.  When she came down at 4:30am, I didn't send her back, instead I pulled back the covers and welcomed her.  And I am enjoying it.  I know as the oldest, it sucks when the rules get softened for the younger kids, but I just can't help it!  Ah well, there are far worse things I could be doing to this child then letting her snuggle at sunrise.

Anyway,  enough of my ramblings for the day.  Enjoy the 4th - EVEN IF YOUR FIREFIGHTER IS ON SHIFT!  There is still love and friendship to be had without him, enjoy those memories as well.  

Be safe!


And our dirty from stomping around in the backyard toes!!  Have a great holiday!

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