Monday, July 15, 2013

But I'll Be Home Every Night!

My FF has been in discussions with our Health and Safety Officer regarding the state of the mental health of our department for some time.  Starting last week, my FF is running one of the training sessions regarding this uncomfortable topic.  And it does make my heart happy for so many reasons.  First of all, our department recognized that there is an issue at hand and is doing something to address it. Twenty years ago, would this have been discussed, probably not.  The Fire World is full of testosterone, which is not weak.  And far too often depression is seen as a weakness.  

These discussions also make me quite proud, because my FF gets to spread his teacher wings for a bit.   He has walked in these shoes and pulled himself out of it, through so much work (almost literal blood, sweat and tears), that his personal experience makes his perspective real.  Definitely not as dry as the canned PowerPoint.

So, I had to get that out there first.  He is doing good things.  He is indeed the perfect man for the job.

That being said, I want him to go back on shift.

When he came to me and said, "But I'll be home every night", I thought - oh perfect!  Summer is the ideal time.  Nah.  Nope.  Not liking it.

He is home for dinner, a little bit of catch with the football and bed time.  And last week, if he wasn't at the BIT, he was at the race track.  So...we really didn't see him much.  This weekend was PACKED, crazy in a good way, but very little unscheduled time.  And today he is back at the academy, again doing great things, but not here.

Ah well.  This is just a testament to how this goofy world becomes normal so quickly.  I think he goes back on shift after the first week of August, so it is not all that far away.

Plans for the week are going to involve some day trips - today, the wading pool in out neighborhood.  Tomorrow the public museum - where yes, I will be chatting with the boys across the street so I can avoid the parking garage. (Convenient to know FFs around the city.) Wednesday, we might do the Art Museum. Thursday, hmmmm, we'll see where life takes us.

Anyway, enjoy your week. Love on those FFs.  Ask the hard questions found in this post. If you need anything with that, you know where to find me.  If it is too hard to talk about face to face, write a letter to your FF, but don't let it go because it is too hard.

Have some fun with your muppets - even if it is just some hot dogs and the Polish Water Park. ;)  Happy Monday!
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