Friday, July 12, 2013

I am SUCH a boy

My Twitter is filled with FFs, some FFWs and sports, a smattering of history related people and that is really it.  I don't really follow celebrities.  Sports and Firefighters.  I countdown to pitchers and catchers reporting right after the Superbowl and OTAs when the boys of summer are breaking my heart (like this year).  My hubby buys me hockey jerseys for  Christmas.  I watch SportsCenter and pick the TV at BW's.  I love sports talk radio and actually watch the game when we head to Miller Park (although I don't keep score anymore, but I did as a kid).  I am a boy.

Well, a boy in drag...I do wear make-up.  But I would rather be in a jersey of whatever season, with jeans and my Chucks.  I HATE dresses.  Even when I was a size four, I had no boobs and no curves, I hated dresses.  They really don't make dresses for boy shaped females, like me.  So, I avoid dresses.  I even tried to get out of wearing one for my wedding.  

I just don't do dresses.

So, Flame Fest its very nature requires me to be a girl.  It is a gathering of FFWs...hard to be one of the boys there. to buy a dress.  

I tried on so many dresses.  I tried red, but nearly all of them were black and white, just how I am.  

One of the red ones - was a draped dress...when I see my kids wearing them at prom and homecoming, I think casket lining.  And that was all I saw when I was wearing it. are the good, the bad and the ugly.   My face is not in the pics, because I SUCK at taking selfies, better to just avoid the stupid expressions altogether.

I actually didn't mind this one, until I thought, wow, my mom would have worn this...(sorry mom)  and I took it off the possibilities list. 

I like this one, and one of the gals suggested a red belt with it.  But, I would wear this to work, not an evening out.  Might still go back and get it for that purpose...

Super comfortable maxi dress, but the angled lines were just drawing attention to, instead of away, from where I wanted them.

The red casket dress...

Oh, flirty 50s pin-up could be fun, especially with a red belt for some color, if  there were any curves involved...

I kinda liked this one, but not enough...

<sigh>  There were many others.  Some, just, no...we won't even discuss those.

So, here is what I walked out with...

For Thursdays meet and greet, comfy.
But I am short, so I need heels...
...and these needed new life.

So here is the dress I decided on for dinner Friday - two stores and about 15 dresses later.  This dressing room - had no a/c, ugh, yuck.  And, for that splash of color, some awesome shoes.  I will never wear them again, but oh so fun!  It is Flame Fest after all.  My FF just shook his head, smiled and made some smart comment about where he had seen those shoes before.

The FF liked the fashion show, the girls were excited that mommy actually bought clothes and D is DYING to be 16 to wear those shoes.  (we'll see about that...)

My FF is home this weekend, but it is officially NON STOP.  The Ladies Auxiliary is hosting the Muster tomorrow at the BIT as a fundraiser for Fire Bell.  Right after, we heading out of town to meet friends of ours who are visiting family.  They are in LA now, so we don't pass up these visits.  Sunday, another FFW invited us to a screening of Honor Flight in the afternoon.  Since the muppets were at one of the welcome homes, it would be good for them to put it in context.  And then back to insanity on Monday.

Gotta love this life!

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