Monday, July 8, 2013

Make do Monday

We are not a family with a lot of money.  Sometimes we are barely eeking by, paycheck to paycheck.  

But, we make do with what we have.  We are blessed to be sure, but much of what we have is from before our switch to the Fire Life or hand me downs that we have inherited.  And some how that seems to be just enough.  And so far, even without big vacations or new toys.  So here is the midway point for our summer shenanigans.

Polish Water  Park - in various stages...

Daddy has to take it to the next level.

Twister - one is spinning, she was just too little to reach all sides.

Dinner with the family at Organ Piper.

Waiting for the parade to begin

Post parade and ice cream chilling by the lagoon

Patriotic toes...

Look who is riding without training wheels.
Doesn't everyone color while their Daddy's bunkers dry?
Last one to be swinging - all by herself.

or hanging on the swing all by herself...

So glad we bought this all those years ago - 4 kids, countless neighbors
and birthday parties.

My artist in residence

How many muppets does it take to drive the engine??

None of us are ready to admit that football starts in a few weeks and the summer will then be winding down.

Enjoy the summer with your muppets.  Send some pics to your FF when he can't join you, with an adorable love note.  

Happy Monday!

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