Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Impromptu Date Night

Nothing fancy, but it was so needed.  I ran to the store an bought some chicken strips and chips (with some fruit tossed in for nutritional value) and some bomb pops for dessert.  The kids would have some yummy deliciousness.  N had orders to fire up the popcorn machine, pass out the gourmet orange soda I bought and toss in a movie.  I haven't really seen my FF in a few weeks.  We have been running non-stop when he is home and awake.  

Having a babysitter in the house has its perks.  It will cost me a Minecraft download later today, but oh so worth it.

I stole my husband and headed off the Miller Park.  TGI Friday's isn't anything fancy, but decent food, cold beer, TVs with the Home Run Derby and NO MUPPETS TO MEDIATE, sounds heavenly.  

We got to watch as they transformed the field into Paul McCartney's playground.  Watch the Derby, while only explaining it to our bartender.  So simple, but so necessary.

We have been stealing time for a while.  A run to Home Depot, that could have waited for tomorrow.  A walk with the polar bears, so N does not have to do it. Nothing spectacular, but time that reminds us who we were before the kids, before the fire department - when it was just the 2 of us in that tiny little two bedroom apartment.

Make time for you and your FF, even if you just do the grocery shopping together.  Or a beer and a TV that is not your own, watching grown men playing a boys' game.  It is all good. 

Hug those FFs tight.  Remember how happy you were to see them come home two weeks ago.  Don't let tragedy be the only thing that brings that emotion out.  Have fun with your muppets.  Get the sidewalk chalk out, run through the sprinkler, laugh at a silly movie together.  Live your life, everyday.
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