Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Never Alone

Taken by one of our amazing FFW from Firefighterwife.com
I am watching the memorial service for the Prescott 19, who left us only 9 days ago.  My muppets come and go, my youngest son was watching the pipes and drums...and I am trying to hold it together.  Tears are streaming for these families that I have never met, but somehow know so intimately.

I was fine until the reading of Isaiah's passage, and I lost it.  I have that written in my FF's helmet to remind him that he is never alone, never.  And to hear that at such an event, broke my heart, and the dam that was holding back the tears.   We all put ourselves in their shoes at this moment.  But, the tears come from the helplessness that I feel right now.  I cannot comfort them or reach out to them.  I cannot make the pain ease or their loneliness subside.  I can send my prayers and cry along with them, but that is it.

So, to Brendan McDonough and the families of those 19 amazing souls, thank you for giving them so that others may be safe.  Thank you for sacrificing the past and future for the common good.  And know, like our firefighters, you are never alone.  Never.  To all of our fire families, firefighters, firefighter wives, you are never alone.  Just say the word...

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