Monday, January 14, 2013

Family Pictures

I will have been married 15 years this summer.  I LOVE taking pictures, but I am not in too many of them, because the camera is always in my hand.  Our last formal pictures were our wedding pictures.  And family pictures...well, ummm,  yeah, we have none!   

So, this past spring I got a bee in my bonnet and decided to have pictures taken. Found a date during the week when my FF was off shift AND we were off of school so we could have more time and less pressure that comes with the weekend.  Sounds perfect.  Until the bonehead forgot to check the calendar before he made a trade.  UGH!

The infamous "divorce" picture.
Well, I was stubborn and had the pictures done anyway.  Pictures of the girls, the boys, all four muppets and me with the muppets.  He felt bad that he was left out and calls those pictures, as lovingly as he can, the divorce pictures.  So I can put it up right away when I get fed up with this crazy life.  Not that I see that happening, this crazy life has kinda grown on me - even if it is a fungus type growth.
Last spring's picture of the muppets.

I finally scheduled a date for pictures a few weeks ago and did not really give him a choice in the matter.  I put a reminder that would go to his phone and pretty much threatened him with some sort of bodily harm if he made a trade.

And this weekend came and they went really well.  Our photographer and her partner, were amazed at how easy our muppets were to photograph. Except at one point - B was giggling incessantly, which distracted the girls and so I set him out the hallway to collect himself.  Which he interpreted as being in trouble and the tears started flowing.  That was not my intention.  And I had to calm him down. Ah well.  He lived, without too many scars and I am certain it will be a story he tells later in life. So, we had family pictures, individual pictures - I was boycotting the school pictures this year - and pictures of the FF and me. FINALLY!  And we celebrated by spending some of the dinner gift cards we have had sitting around.  It was a wonderful way to close the weekend. 

Amazing that something so little can bring so much happiness, but I was walking on air yesterday, having so much fun.

As soon as the previews are ready, I will share them.  I am so excited.  I bought the CD as well.  It just makes it easier to share and reprint.

My next goal - outdoor pictures by the lake, in the fall.  Not that I am being picky or anything.

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