Saturday, January 5, 2013

One thing that I just realized I am tired of...

Every Fire Wife has her complaints.  Some hate holidays alone (well, most) others hate kids concerts, others don't like doing _______________________________________ <<<<<< insert what you hate doing when your FF is on shift.  

I have figured out what gets my goat when my firefighter is on shift...

I hate watching the Packer games alone.  I am a rabid sports nut, who counts down to 2 dates in the sports world.  Pitchers and catchers reporting (43 days btw) and opening day of training camp.    And I need to listen and read and discuss and debate sucks watching so many games alone.

Sometimes I go by my dad's or he comes here.  But most times I am watching it alone.  Screaming at the TV alone.  With no one to complain about the last bogus call, except my Facebook/Twitter/Blogorama world. 

And that is getting kind of old.

Ah well.  I can hope that he has a busy night full of silly calls that he really didn't need to go to and misses the game.  It will make me feel better about being the crazy lady talking to the TV.  Well. Okay, maybe not.  I do hope he gets to watch the entire game with no sounds of tones in the background.  Then I can give him a hard time about all of my tax payer dollars going to him watching the dang football game without me!

Ahh, well.  

Half an hour until kick-off.  All the laundry is done, girls' room cleaned, community areas cleaned (notice I am not mentioning the boys' rooms...just sayin') and I am so ready for some football since the Houston/Cincy game isn't doing much for me right now.

Go Pack Go!

So I guess The Beast will have to keep me company.

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